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ACC-960 :
Outdoor Proximity Card Reader w/Keypad Display in Metal Case




  • Indoor/Outdoor design
  • LED and audio indicators
  • Metal case, touchpad keypad
  • TTL serial output
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent halting.
  • WG port support for anti-pass-back
  • 1024 users, 1200 event logs
  • 2 sets of auto-open zone editing in stand-alone.
  • 3 control modes for selecting, M4, M6 and M8.
  • 3 access modes: card only, card or pin, card and pin
  • 11 sets of time zone for various accessing.
  • Software support for networking and time-attendance.
  • Easily integrated with other Eclipse access control systems.


Card Readers:

Card, Keypad, Outdoor

COR-ACC-960 : Outdoor Network Proximity Card Reader w/Keypad Display Metal Case

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