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EASY KEYPAD (Indoor/Outdoor)


This keypad is a single entry standalone access control with integrated keypad and card reader.  It is an easy to install and aperate device with doorbell, design in 8 wires for mounting, with user-friendly programming.  The compact design makes it a good choice for door access.


The device is housed in a strong ABS case. it supports up to 110 users in multiple access configurating (PIN Only, Card or PIN, or Card + PIN).

The built in card reader supports 125KHz EM Card. 


Two Versions

Waterproof IP67 Versions

Non-waterprook Version


>    Backlit Keypad
>    Multi-color LED status Display
>    One Programmable Relay Output

>     1100 Users (1000 Normal Users + 100 Visitors + 100 Visitor Users)
>    Card Type: 125KHz EM card
>    Access Modes: PIN, CARD or PIN, Card+Pin
>    Anti-tamper Alarm
>    Latch Mode to Hold Door or Gate open
>    Waterproof Version, conforms to IP67

CM-SX3K-EM -EASY KEYPAD (Indoor/Outdoor)

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