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The COR-ACC980proximity card reader is an advanced access control device in a weather-proof case. It reads proximity cards and has an illuminated touchpanel to accept personal identification numbers (PINs). When a user presents a card, an audio (beeper and visual bicolor red/green LED) feedback indicates the card is recognized. For additional security, the touchpanel can be programmed to require PIN entry. It can operate in network or standalone mode. Maximum distance is approximately 18cm (7 inches), depending on weather conditions and setup. Constructed of tough ABS plastic, aluminum alloy and sealed against the weather.]

Card Reader Range 10- 18cm (125kHz operation) Holiday scheduling 120 in networking mode, 0 in standalone mode Time zones 11 Event log 1200 Users 1024 in neworking mode Auto open Enable/Disable Safeguards Built-in Watchdog function prevents halting Auto open editing Two sets in standalone mode Mode select M4, M6 and M8 Keypad touch panel Translucent ABS plastic, backlit Anti-pass-back Yes Tamper resistance switch Yes Alarm functions supported Tamper / Force Entry / Door Sense Alarm out function Supported using optional auxiliary relay (optional) Communication interface RS485 Baud rate 9600 bps (N,.8,1) TTL Serial out Various applications Built-In door sensign and Arming inputs ON/OFF Door relay contacts NO/NC/COM0, 0.1-600sec.latch type Alarm output Transistor output, 12VDC/100mA open collector active low DI input Egress button / Door sensor / Arming switch



COR-ACC980: Outdoor proximity Card Reader with touch panel

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