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DSPP 16 Port PoE Switch



Gigabit uplink 16-port AI PoE switch

· 16 10/100 Base-T RJ45 ports support PoE power supply.
· Two Gigabit RJ45 ports and one Gigabit SFP port, which is convenient for users to flexibly network and meet networking requirements in various scenarios.
· Support APOLLO visual cloud management operation and maintenance.
· AI PoE: Automatically detects the power receiving port, finds a dead device, and restarts the device after power failure.
· AI QoS: Priority processing of identified video data, making video transmission smoother.
· AI Extend: Use extension technology 1-8 ports to support 250M meters of long-distance power supply (recommended to use Category 5 and Internet cable).
· AI VLAN: The downstream ports are isolated from each other, which can effectively suppress network storms and improve network performance.
· Comply with IEEE 802.3af / at standard, single port output power is 30W, and the power supply of the whole machine is 150W.


【Parameter Introduction】
· 16 100M PoE ports (support 250m PoE power supply)
· 2 x Gigabit RJ45 ports
· 1 Gigabit SFP port
· Support 5 working modes: standard switching, AI VLAN, AI Extend, AI PoE, AI QoS mode
· Support IEEE802.3af / at, single port maximum output power 30W
· Maximum power supply of the whole machine: 150W

【Support APOLLO Visual Cloud Management Operation And Maintenance-"139" Mode】
· 1: The equipment is centralized on one platform, namely the APOLLO platform, which manages operations and maintenance in a unified manner.
· 3: The device can be managed, operated, and maintained in three ways: mobile, PC, and local.
· 9: APOLLO platform can realize 9 core technical service sectors-cloud topology, resource visualization, risk early warning, prevention before they occur, AI blessing intelligent scheduling, business analysis and decision-making can be supported, real-world maps, rapid fault location Cloud operation and maintenance, configuration, upgrade batch processing, multi-user, multi-dimensional permissions, hierarchical management and control, open interfaces, and customer business import.

【One-button Switching, Five Working Modes】
· Standard switching mode: All ports communicate freely and are suitable for ordinary data transmission environments.
· AI VLAN mode: Isolate ports 1-16 from each other, which can effectively suppress network storms and improve network performance.
· AI Extend mode: Designed for surveillance application scenarios, 1-8 ports support 250M meters of long-distance power supply.
· AI QoS mode: It can prioritize video data in the network to ensure that video data is not blocked, smoother and without delay.
· AI PoE mode: Automatically detect the working condition of the PD device port within 24 hours, and automatically restart the device when an abnormal device is found.

【PoE Power Supply Function】
· 16 100M RJ45 ports support PoE + power supply, meeting the requirements of PoE power supply in security monitoring, teleconference system, wireless coverage and other scenarios.
· Support IEEE802.3af / at standard protocol, single port maximum PoE output power is 30W.
· Automatically detect, identify and power PD devices that comply with IEEE 802.3 af / at standards, without worrying about damaging private standard PoE or non-PoE devices.

【Stable And Smooth】
· With power circuit protection function, can protect the safety and stability of back-end equipment.
· All ports support non-blocking wire-speed forwarding for smoother transmission.

【Green Technology】
· Intelligent power supply and lowest power consumption to ensure power demand at the PD end.
· Fanless design, energy saving and environmental protection; no noise, reducing the impact on the environment.
· Support port no link power saving function.

【Easy To Use】
· Zero-configuration power supply, plug and play, no configuration, simple and convenient.
· Users can easily understand the working status of the device through the power indicator (Power), PoE indicator, and port status indicator (Link / Act).


DS-POE-16-2U: DSPP 16 Port PoE Switch

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