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The series of card readers are contactless, which use proximity  cards EM(ID) or Mifare 1(IC). The readers are output signal with Wiegand 26/34 The reader applies to access control system, attendance, consumption, guard tour system, parking system and other management systems. It has the function of high sensitivity, little working current and stable performance. 



Card type: EM (ID) Mifare 1(IC)

Reading Freuency: EM (ID) 125KHz Mifare 1(IC) 13.56MHz

Induction distance: EM (ID) 50-100mm , Mifare 1(IC) 10-50mm

Communication Format; Wiegand 26/34

Reading Speed: 0.2S

Working temperature: -300C to +700C

Humidity: 10%RH-90%RH

Working voltage: DC 12V

Operating Current: <100mA

Transmission distance: 100m

VICE-X : VX-3068D - 125KHZ EM RFID Card Reader

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